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to AudioCue soundlab. Record, mix or master in Berlin on a high and solid technical level and with a focus on musicians needs. Bands all styles, classical music, soloists,
experiments, voice, music for film and video, sounds, restauration and mastering.

I invite you to come and see the place and talk about the project.

Rainer Robben


AudioCue offers 330 m² for 2 studiocomplexes and a relaxing area. Studio 1 has 4 recording- and one controlroom. Situatet on the third floor the studio is bright and offers an panoramic view over the ancient wall of Berlin. Also there is good seperation the musicians can see each other very well while playing.

Studio 2 is optimized for mixing and mastering and constists of one recording and a controlroom. Both studios can be linked to get 6 seperatet recordingrooms.


Studio 1 Control is 35 m², rec A 35 m², rec B 25 m², rec C 16 m² and rec D 8 m². They sound different and we will propose the suitable setting for your line up. Also we leave it your decision, play maybe some recordings to help your way.
Studio 2 Control 35 m², recording 45 m² equipped with acoustic elements to make desired changes..


You might want to take a break sometime and taste a good coffee offered to you. Feel free to bring catering, cook or get something from close restaurants.



Studio 1 has 4 rooms to record. While playing you have view to all musicians.

Here we work to get the best sound out of instruments and vocals. There are objective criterias with mics, pres and positioning but also subjective and creative realization of personal Ideas. We are experienced to get natural sounds, but also ready to follow your approach and provide a varietee of tools and variables.

Tube, Condenser and Ribbon microphones: A collection of famous mics are basic elements to create audiocues:

Brauner VM1 . . 3 x
Brauner VMX
Brauner Valvet
Brauner panthera . . 2 x
Brauner phantom classic . . 2 x
U 47 by Andreas Grosser
. . 2 x
C 12, AKG Classic by Andreas Grosser
M 49, Neumann Classic by Andreas Grosser
LeWilson 247 . . 3 x U 47 build by Mark Lewilson
Neumann U47 FET
Neumann U67. . 2 x
Neumann TLM 170
Neumann M 149
Neumann M 147
Neumann TLM 103 . . 5 x
Neumann KM 131 . . 2 x VEB Funkwerk Leipzig RFT Typ CM 7151
Neumann Gefell CMV 563 . . 2 x
Neumann Gefell M7 . . x 3 , M8, M55k . . x 2
Earthworks QTC 1 2 x (incl. Lab 102 Preamp)
Coles 4038 "legend"
Coles 4040 new legend
Schoeps CCM 22 . . 2 x
Schoeps CCM 21 . . 2 x
Sennheiser MKH 80
Royer 121 und 122
Marek Design RS 1
DPA (Bruel & Kjaer) 4011 . . 2 x
Calrecs CM 1050C
MB´s, Condens.-system (Kugel, Niere)
Beyer (160/130) ribbon
EV PL 20
Sennheiser 441 + 421er . . 3 x + 3 x
Shure SM 57/8s.

17 api 512c, 525 und 2xSSL moduls
Manley Dual Tube x 2
Lorenz 241 2 x
Earhtworks Lab 102 2 ch
Neve 1073 x 2
Chandler "germanium"
Avalon 737 x 2
Grace m201
Tab 74 - V74 x 5
Great River MP 500NV
Avedis MA5 2 x
Shadow Hills Mono Gama
Distressor brit.mod. x 2 (stereo)
Urei 1178 Stereo Original

A/D-Conversion: Studio 1 runs with 2 Apogee ADX 16 DAX 16 (32 channels) to RME-Madi and Nuendo to Harddrive. So the 32 bit Standard is available up to 192kHz

Recording: Nuendo by Steinberg, working great in 32 Bit. It´s solid, flexible, high quality and very fast to handle. Projects are completly recallable stored. We have a ProTools HD2 (24 Bit) if YOU like that.

After years of focusing on recording audiocue builded a new facility for the mix. High quality tech enshures state of the art mixing.

Studio 2 is specialized for mixing with: Prism Dream ADA 8, Neve 8816 analog summing box, MaxxBCL (Maxxbass, L2, Renaissance Compr) and TC Master-System 6000, TC Reverb System 6000, Eventide H8000FW, Apogee BigBen

UAD powered Plug-Ins 3 Universal Audio Cards + UAD2 with 1176, LA2A, Pultec EQ, EMT-Plate 140, Fairchild, Manley,SSL Channel, Harrison EQ, Neve and more.

Midi instruments

Arp Odysee, Braintech TransistorBass, ClaviaDDrum3, Roland MC505, SC55, JX8P Yamaha FS1R, FB-01, TX 16 mit 3 Modulen, Waldorf Mikrowave + Access Programmer, SoundDiver, ReCycle, Kontakt.

Genelec SD 30 go from 35Hz to 50 kHz (-3 dB). You get a precise idea of the sound and stay in relation to a system you are familar with.

Instruments and amps: Steinway-B Grand 2,11m, Bechstein Grand 2,05 m, Yamaha drums Recording-Serie 9000 (18 Bdr, 10,12,14,16 TT), Pearl- Vintage-Set 18 12 13, 12" Sonor Hilite- snare, Vox AC 120 guit. amp., guitar-docs custom made all-tube amp, ClaviaD-Drum 3 + div. percussion


Steinway B

Since 2003 Audio Cue is offering a Steinway & Sons - B Grand Mod. 211 ser. 518247 build 1991 in Hamburg. Brilliant highs, well balanced in the mids and a round bass are the Qualities of this instrument in very good shape. The dynamic, richness of colours, exact mechanic are a pleasure for pretentious pianists.

With a variety of mic-setups we realize very different sound ideas



Echo 2015: Newcomer Eva Klesse Quartett Xenon
rec by Rainer Robben

Jazz Award german Phonoindustrie: "Nur fort" 20011 (Lisa Bassenge (Gesang), Paul Kleber (Bass), Christoph Adams (Klavier / Keyboard / Akkordeon), Christian Kögel (Gitarre) und Rainer Winch (Percussion).) (Minor Music) rec by Rainer Robben

Lyambiko wins Echo Jazz 2011
Kategorie: Sängerin des Jahres national

Jazz Award der deutschen Phonoindustrie: "Inner Sense" 2008 / 3 (Lyambiko, Marque Lowenthal, Robin Draganic, Heinrich Köbberling) (Sony BMG)
rec + mixed by Rainer Robben

Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik: 2008/1:  Something Sweet, Something Tender. Enja CD 9188-2 
Aki Takase Solo
rec + mixed by Rainer Robben

Lale-Andersen-Preis 2008 der Stad Bremerhaven: 2007 Virgin/EMI (Kitty Hoff, Lu Ferreiro, Jaques Maintenant, Phil Marone, Beat Lee Burns)
rec @audiocue, Rainer Robben mix by Philipp Kopp, Two Stroke Studio

Jazz Award german Phonoindustrie: "Love...and then" 2007/6 (Lyambiko, Marque Lowenthal, Robin Draganic, Torsten Zwingenberger) (Sony BMG) rec + mixed by Rainer Robben

Jazz Award german Phonoindustrie: „Lyambiko“ 2007/6 (Lyambiko, Marque Lowenthal, Robin Draganic, Torsten Zwingenberger) (Sony BMG)
rec + mixed by Rainer Robben

Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik: "Monks Casino" (2005/3) (Alexander von Schlippenbach, Axel Dörner, Rudi Mahall, Jan Roder, Uli Jennessen)
rec + mixed by Rainer Robben

Jahrespreis 2004 der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik:"Aki Takase plays Fats Waller" enja CD 9152-2 (Eugene Chadbourne, Rudi Mahall, Nils Wogram, Paul Lovens) rec 2003 Hrolfur Vagnnson, mix 2003 Rainer Robben


AudioCue Tonlabor
Ystader Straße 10
10437 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 4434 1129

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Rainer Robben
Ystader Strasse 10
10437 Berlin
Tel: 030 44341129

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